Ostrogoth – Last Tribe Standing

This Belgian band is one that has released its last official album in 1987. After ten years of being inactive the group decided to come back together in 2010 to rock some more. And that’s exactly what they did! ‘Last Tribe Standing’ is what we’d call “a comeback with a vengeance”.

Guitarist Rudy "WhiteShark" Vercruysse, 59. Passed away after suffering Liver Cancer.

Guitarist Rudy “WhiteShark” Vercruysse

What’s really sad about this new release of Ostrogoth, is that it also marks the first album after the death of guitarist Rudy “WhiteShark” Vercruysse. He passed away on the age of 59, suffering from liver cancer. Vercruysse was one of the two original band-members since the first album in 1983.

Ostrogoth promo pic by Hans Van Hoof 2014This debut release in 1983 was an EP called ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’. Now, in 2015, the band wanted to do something similar. Just release four really awesome songs.

Yet after listening to the live-recordings of their ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ songs they decided to do something different. Two EP’s, back to back. One with four new songs, the other containing the four live tracks, recorded on the tour highlighting their very first EP.

But what an amazing album this has become. The old-school metal has really never changed. With these new songs that are absolutely something memorable, while the live recordings also stand out in quality.

Ostrogoth ‘Last Tribe Standing’ line-up from left to right: Dario “Mister” Frodo (guitars) , Mario “Grizzly” Pauwels (drums), Josey Hindrix (vocals), Rudy “WhiteShark” Vercruysse (guitars) and Stripe (bass)

Ostrogoth ‘Last Tribe Standing’ line-up from left to right: Mario “Grizzly” Pauwels (drums), Stripe (bass), Josey Hindrix (vocals), Rudy “WhiteShark” Vercruysse (guitars), Dario “Mister” Frodo (guitars)

The only real flaw I can find is the fact that there are only four new songs, but if they are this kind of amazing quality it might not even really matter. Although there’s one small production flaw. The vocals seem to sink into the music a bit. Especially during the refrain of the first track ‘No Risk Taken’.

So the four songs contain amazing riffs and the entire album is covered in a really convincing old-school sound. There has been word of the best line-up so far. With, sadly, only one original member left, but strengthened by younger musicians. Ostrogoth is back, spread the word!


1. No Risk Taken
2. Clouds
3. Return To The Heroes Museum
4. Last Tribe Standing
5. Heroes Museum (live)
6. Full Moon’s Eyes (live)
7. Paris By Night (live)
8. Rock Fever (live)

Released: 23 January 2015
Record-label: Empire Records
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ostrogothofficial
Website: http://www.ostrogothofficial.com/

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