Sabaton Saturday: Counterstrike

My favorite war-facts are the ones that you never ever knew about. The ones that you read about and think, “How many people still remember this?” One of those moments happened to me last week when brainstorming for a new Sabaton Saturday. So this week on Overall Loudness’ Sabaton Saturday: ‘The Six Day War’, or, in other words, the ‘Third Arab-Iraeli War’. Which is featured in Sabaton’s ‘Counterstrike’. Continue reading

Sabaton Saturday: Night Witches

In, and after, the second world war the rights and places of women in the world, and especially in the United States, changed drastically. The men were gone off to fight in the overseas war and slowly the women were forced to be doing the tasks the men used to do, before they left.
But also in the war itself, women were very much involved. So this week on Overall Loudness’ Sabaton Saturday: The 588th Night Bomber Regiment, a.k.a. the ‘Night Witches’. Continue reading

Sabaton Saturday: Coat Of Arms

With the recent success of films like ‘300’ and ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’, you could almost feel that the Sabaton track ‘Coat Of Arms’ is about this same time period. But that is not true. On this week’s Sabaton Saturday the real background of ‘Coat Of Arms’: The Greco-Italian War. Continue reading

Sabaton Saturday: Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art Of War’.

On Sabaton’s album ‘The Art Of War’ the binding theme is the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu. So now on this weeks Sabaton Saturday we discuss the various short tracks about the war strategies of Sun Tzu. Continue reading


Another one of Sabaton’s timeless classics and an absolute fan favorite, I guess. It’s one of those songs that fans want to hear them play, and Sabaton approves of that.

This week on Sabaton Saturday, the start of World War II in 1939. The year that the Germans invaded Poland and sparked the flame of war in Europe. Continue reading

The Price Of A Mile

We, the Dutch people, have never really experienced the horrors that the World War I brought along. With the excuse of being “neutral”, we were ignored by the German forces that cut straight through Belgium, without harming Holland.

Sabaton have written a song about the horrors of the First World War, ‘The Price Of A Mile’. It’s about all the young men being stuck in a trench, knee-deep in the muddy water. It was cold, it was filthy, everyone was afraid. People were dying out there. And if you didn’t die, you were going insane. Continue reading


Let me begin by apologizing for the fact that I did not post a Sabaton Saturday last week. I had a tough week, finishing a lot of stuff for school and in the meantime working for a new boss. I know, a bad excuse, but it happened and therefore I apologize.

So now to the new Sabaton Saturday. Most wars are fought mostly on land. That are the wars that I always got taught about at school and that children hear about these days. But this story is one that took place on the Atlantic ocean. This is all about the ‘Wolfpack’, an alternative name for the groups of German submarines during the Second World War. Continue reading